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Master of Criminal Justice & Criminology Graduate Profile

Dita Miranda

Master of Criminal Justice & Criminology
Year commenced: 

The Master of Criminal Justice & Criminology expanded and deepened my understanding of the study of crime and the criminal justice system in common law countries, particularly within the Australian criminal justice system. As I come from Indonesia and it has a different criminal justice system from Australia, this program definitely broadened my knowledge about various topics related to policing, courts, and other applications that I had very little knowledge about. Also, I had the opportunity to explore how the Australian criminal justice agencies deal with the problems of crime and discuss its effects on particular cultural or socio-economic groups. In addition, the MCJC program at UNSW utilises instructors and professors with real-world work experience in the criminal justice field who are able to articulate matters in the studies through their professional and personal experience. This can give new and exciting insights to students interested in learning more about the criminal justice system. Personally, my studies at UNSW should advance my career as a legal analyst in the Indonesian Supreme Audit Board and hopefully will improve my ability to assist those in the Indonesian criminal justice system. This is an excellent program for anyone who is gaining entry into the criminal justice system as well as those who already work within the system, or those who are interested in issues related to crime, such as law, public policy, law enforcement or criminal investigations, like me!

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