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Master of Human Rights Law & Policy Student Profile

Samah Hadid

National Director of the Global Poverty Project
Year commenced: 

Currently, I'm the National Director of The Global Poverty Project, an advocacy and campaigning organization aimed at ending extreme poverty. I’m leading national campaigns on improving foreign aid and increasing funding for global education particularly for the 57 million children who cant access education.

Growing up as part of a minority group and personally facing discrimination at a young age really inspired me to stand up for my rights and raise awareness about injustices that exist on a national and international level. It was through these experiences that I started volunteering and working with local human rights NGOs and later with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Most of my professional work centered on human rights and so I wanted a stronger legal understanding of international human rights frameworks. The UNSW Master of Human Rights and Policy also offered practical experience; this is certainly what sets it apart from other programs and is an appealing feature.

Getting taught by experts in the field as well as meeting students who share the same passion for human rights law has been a highlight for me. As a busy full time worker, with little time, UNSW Law offers an independent and flexible learning environment that fits best with my schedule.

I will soon be based in a Syrian refugee camp, working in the areas of humanitarian gender based protection and assistance. I’m sure my specialisation in international humanitarian law, through my Masters, will help me in this role.

For anyone that is looking at enhancing their understanding of the international human rights system and is interested in working in the field, I highly recommend the Master of Human Rights and Policy at UNSW.

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