Master of Laws by Coursework (LLM) Graduate Profile | Law

Master of Laws by Coursework (LLM) Graduate Profile

Johanne Eide

Lawyer, Lund & Co
Johanne is a Lawyer in Norway, specialising in Environmental and Energy Law.
Year commenced: 

I decided to do a Master of Laws at UNSW because I wanted to learn more about the relationship between social justice and business. UNSW was one of the only universities that offered a specialisation in this area. The courses were taught by professors who were highly qualified and had diverse backgrounds. I found the classes very informative and challenging. I also learned about Australian law, which was very useful as I moved on to work as a tipstaff for two judges in the Supreme Court of NSW once I graduated. I am now working back in Norway as a lawyer in the areas of energy and environmental law. Studying an LLM at UNSW was a unique opportunity for me to advance my education at a top-ranked university and experience life in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I recommend the program to any foreign lawyers seeking to improve their knowledge of international law.

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