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Master of Laws (Human Rights & Social Justice) Student Profile

Maria Lobato

Master of Laws (Human Rights & Social Justice)
Year commenced: 

Maria Lobato is an International student enrolled in the Masters of Law by Coursework program (LLM) at UNSW Law. Maria completed the LAWS8052 Postgraduate Human Rights Internship Program.

“In November 2012 I undertook an internship with the Centre for Refugee Research (CRR) in Chiang Mai and Mae Sot, Northern Thailand. During the course of the internship I participated in the facilitation to the Women’s League of Burma (WLB) and Shan Women Action Network (SWAN) of a series of human rights workshops. On my return, I took part in the draft of a National Action Plan on Security Council Resolution 1325 for SWAN, which is meant to be used by the organisation as an advocacy tool.

My time with the CRR has allowed me to acquire professional experience as a human rights advocator and has strengthened my skills as a human rights lawyer. Working with refugee women from different ethnic groups sharing stories about human rights abuses in Burma was a challenging experience, which provided me with the chance to develop further my interpersonal and cross cultural skills.  Most of the workshops conducted dealt with gender issues and women’s rights, which required a deep study of the relevant international documents, particularly CEDAW and Security Council 1325. This not only has added up on my knowledge about women under international law, but has also brought practical experience on how to implement those international legal instruments at a national level.

Overall, the internship I did with the CRR was an enriching experience that proved to bring valuable learning both at a professional and at a personal level. This has inevitably reshaped my position as a human rights lawyer and tainted it with a strong gender perspective.”

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