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Scientia Scholar Profile

Yixin Gong

Year commenced: 

"Apart from the Scientia Scholarship's financial benefits, it has also provided me with a gateway into university. I had the opportunity to be mentored by two fantastic academics, on from the Law School and one from the Australian School of Business. Both mentors provided me with valuable insights about university life and beyond. They gave me tips about what courses to take, hot to make the most of the opportunities at UNSW, what avenues there are after an undergraduate degree, and what it's like being an academic.

I've also enjoyed attending the annual Law lunches and the semi-annual lunchtime presentations held for Scientia Scholars. The presentations are made by academics across all different faculties. Not only did these expose me to fascinating areas of research and development, I was also able to catch-up with other Scientia Scholars. As a younger student I benefitted from the wisdom and experiences of older students, and now, as a student nearing the end of my degree, it is rewarding to provide guidance to new students".

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