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Wendy Tran

Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice/Laws
I paired Law with Criminology & Criminal Justice because I wanted to become a criminal lawyer
Year commenced: 

I visited the High Court of Australia in Year 6 as part of school camp and decided I wanted to be a solicitor one day! As I got older I took more of an interest in law and became more curious about the protections and processes in place for when something goes wrong. I ultimately decided to pair Law with Criminology and Criminal Justice because I originally wanted to become a criminal lawyer! I really enjoyed the contrast between my two degrees. Being able to complete research projects under the School of Social Sciences allowed me to develop my qualitative and quantitative analysis skills, while my law degree has really shaped the way I think about everything.

The best last minute decision I ever made at UNSW was to go on exchange in the last year of my studies to Canada at the University of Alberta. Alberta isn’t usually the first place people ever think of going so it was a bit unexpected when I was offered a spot there. I was hesitant at first but it turned out to be the most amazing five months! I got to experience living far away from home, Thanksgiving, Halloween and a snowy Christmas!

I also had the opportunity to get involved in internships at the Kingsford Legal Centre and the Cancer Council in the Pro Bono department during the course of my degree. I gained such a different perspective working directly with clients in a community legal centre, where the solicitors were all more than willing to answer all questions from students and get you involved in real work. It opened my eyes to the different directions that my degree could take me.

What I loved most about studying at UNSW Law was the student life and campus culture plus the smaller classes - this encouraged students to share their ideas and create an energetic classroom.

Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice/Laws
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