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Student profile

Dannica Alston

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws
"I really enjoy being at uni, and the freedom that goes with it."
Year commenced: 

Being in my fourth year of Law meant I was able to choose Law elective classes, which was pretty exciting. I particularly enjoyed Advanced Criminal Law as we had numerous guest lecturers such as the head NSW Coroner, Hugh Dillon and the Director of Public Prosecutions, Nick Cowdery.

The thing I find the hardest about studying Law each year would have to be the volume of set readings to get through. However I found that I have dramatically improved at keeping on top of my workload over the past four years. In particular, group study with friends and sharing notes has been a useful way of doing this.

I have found that much of what I learn in my Law classes is relevant to subjects that I studied in my combined Arts degree, and vice versa. This overlap has helped me to broaden my knowledge and understanding of many important issues, particularly with regards to human rights and issues relating to the media.

I really enjoy being at uni, and the freedom that goes with it in contrast to high school. Being surrounded by lots of other people with common interests and different opinions makes going to class an interesting and challenging experience.

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