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Jowa Chan

Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Laws
"The speakers' forums added another dimension to my study of law"
Year commenced: 

As a second year undergraduate law student, I studied subjects covering Contracts Law, Criminal Law and Public Law. The courses were quite challenging, yet at the same time, they stimulated my interest in the development of jurisprudence and the associated social issues. They also created more opportunities to apply the law. My lecturers for each of the courses went to great lengths to involve the class in discussions on contemporary issues. The Contracts courses were particularly appealing because of their underlying theme of business efficacy and their exploration of various logical approaches which have been used in the gradual formation of modern contract law.

The Law School hosted a series of competitions, testing legal skills such as mooting and client interviewing, and numerous presentations for the benefit of its students over the last year. I enjoyed participating in the dispute resolution competition, which involved opposing teams of two negotiating according to a problem scenario. The speakers' forums, with some featuring interviews with former High Court Justices by members of the academic staff, were also very enlightening. The forums added another dimension to my study of law.

The most challenging part of my second year at Law School was trying to maintain a healthy balance between study and other activities. The amount of class preparation increased significantly compared to first year. However, I found that by creating and following a set schedule, my time could be used more effectively, allowing me to cope.

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