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Student profile

Adam Wood

Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Laws
"The property law subjects were my favourite"

I studied four law subjects in my third year - two were on property law, one was on the law of government and administration, and the last was on lawyers and ethics. The property law subjects were my favourite, odd as that might sound. The law of property is really old and it’s fascinating to examine how the rules have evolved and been interpreted over time.

The balance between my law degree and my commerce degree wasn’t too difficult - half of my subjects were from law and the other half were from commerce (finance). I have always found law more difficult than finance; the learning processes required by the latter have always come more naturally to me, and law has never been easy. But it was refreshing and stimulating to be constantly exercising different parts of my mind.

Outside of class, my mooting partner and I made it into the semi finals, and I was a leader at the always outrageous first year law camp. I also had great fun with the crazy circus society and briefly played touch football. My 4th year will be pure law and I’m definitely looking forward to learning about the rules of evidence and procedure in court (litigation) and learning about corporate law – which I expect will tie in with some of the things I’ve learned in commerce.

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