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Student profile

Stella Kim

Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Laws
"I recommend getting involved in the student Law Society"
Year commenced: 

As a first year Law student, I completed Foundations of Law and Torts. Foundations of Law helped provide a basic understanding of our current legal systems, whereas I found that Torts was a much more contemporary and interesting course. The seminar-style teaching along with the interactive lecturers made the classes both entertaining and informative.   I recommend getting involved in the student Law Society (Law Soc) as it provides activities such as mooting, negotiations and law camp. Also, the Law Soc does a great job in organising social events, which first years should try and attend as it’s there they’ll be able to meet new people.

I think it’s important to acknowledge that every first year will juggle all the things uni has to offer- social events, extracurricular activities and the most obvious- studies. With law, readings are definitely going to be a new thing for everyone. Although much easier said than done, I aim to develop independent and self-disciplined study habits, a challenge I found after just finishing high school. Even after a year of uni, finding the balance is a difficult concept, but practice will make it easier.

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