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UNSW Law has always been a destination of choice for students wanting to study Law. Demand is strong, places are limited and the ATAR can only tell us so much about applicants, so we changed our selection criteria.

Entry to UNSW Undergraduate Law dual degree programs in 2019 will require all domestic applicants to sit the Law Admission Test.

Domestic Applicants:

All domestic applicants (Australian citizens, permanent residents and New Zealand citizens) who wish to study an undergraduate Law dual degree program at UNSW must sit the LAT. The 2018 LAT will be held on Tuesday 25 September. For more details on the LAT and who is eligible to sit the LAT please click here

How are the LAT results used?

You will be assessed for entry to UNSW Law on the basis of both your LAT results and your academic results. Academic results will be combined with the LAT result on a sliding scale so that those with very high academic results require a lower LAT score, and those with lower academic results require a higher LAT score.


For example, if an applicants' academic results are around 95.00 (or minimum IB score of 36) they will need a higher LAT score to be competitive for an offer. For current year 12 students academic results include your ATAR plus any adjustment factors (additional points) you are awarded for admission to UNSW Law. If for example, you have experienced severe long term educational disadvantage you may be competitive if your ATAR is 89.65 and you have been granted 6 EAS points to make your academic result for UNSW Law 95.65 and you perform well in LAT.

To be considered for entry to UNSW Law in 2019 you must still apply via UAC and list UNSW Law (426000) as one of your UAC preferences (or for Music/Law 426050). Read more.

How do I apply?

The 2018 LAT will be held on Tuesday 25 September. This was the only date to sit the LAT in 2018. Visit our FAQ page for more details.

- Submit your UAC application through Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).   

For more details on the LAT please visit http://www.law.unsw.edu.au/LAT

To view the full listing of Law double degrees currently on offer click here.

Transfer entry

The UNSW Internal Program Transfer (IPT) allows UNSW students to apply to transfer into the Law double degree program.

UNSW IPT applicants do not need to sit the LAT and will be assessed on their non-law UNSW studies only. Read more about the UNSW IPT here.

Transfer from another university allows students enrolled in a degree at another university who have completed a minimum of one year of full-time study in their program to apply via UAC to transfer to a Law double degree program.

All students submitting an application to transfer into Law at UNSW via UAC will be required to sit the Law Admission Test. Read more about how to transfer to UNSW Law from another university here.

Indigenous Students Pre-Law Program

The Indigenous Students Pre-Law Program is an intensive four week program held at the UNSW Law School. The course is designed for Indigenous students who have either been offered a place in law, or who wish to apply to study law in the future. Students study introductory courses in the areas of legal process, contract law, Indigenous legal issues, and academic skills so as to get a feeling for the law and a head start in their legal studies.

Indigenous students undertaking the Pre-Law Program at UNSW are not required to sit the LAT as they are assessed under multiple criteria in the Pre-Law Program. For more information about the Pre-Law Program, visit Nura Gili or contact Jeni Engel, Director of Indigenous Legal Education at UNSW Law.

International students

International students undertaking Australian Year 12 examinations or the International Baccalaureate in Australia or offshore should apply through UAC International at uac.edu.au/international

International students are not eligible to sit the Law Admissions Test (LAT).

All other international students should apply directly to UNSW. For further details please contact UNSW International Office

Tel+61 2 9385 6996

Contact us: international.unsw.edu.au/contact

Web: international.unsw.edu.au

International students should view the Undergraduate Degree Entry Requirements on the UNSW International website.