International alumni

Meet Law alumni around the world

Many alumni gather in formal and informal groups around the world. Whether you are returning home, relocating or just passing by, get in touch with the locals.

  • Hong Kong – our most active overseas group, meeting once a month. The group is led by President Mr Eugene Yeung (BCom LLB '06) and former President, the Honourable Justice Barnabas Fung (BCom '84, LLB '85). Join the HK Facebook group now.
  • Europe Sabine Pittrof (LLB '95) loves Australia and welcomes the chance to share experiences with alumni or talk about doing business in Germany. Ueli Sommer (LLM '01) is one of our international postgraduate alum now based in Zurich.
  • UK (London)Shikha Sethi and Leslie Phung (BA/LLB '13) are Sydneysiders living in London who volunteer as our alumni ambassadors in the city.
  • USA Nathan Huynh (BCom/LLB '15) moved to New York in early 2017 and is keen to connect with fellow alumni.
Alumni Reunion Guide

The Guide provides you, as our alumni, with information on how to best organise a get together of your graduating class, and celebrate your time together while at university.