UNSW Law’s International Law and Policy Group comprises more than a dozen academics and around 20 current PhD students. Its members work across a range of fields of international law, including human rights law, international criminal law, international cultural heritage law, international economic law, international environmental law, law of the sea and refugee law, as well as on theories and practices of international law as a system. Its members bring a range of different theoretical and methodological perspectives to their research, including inter-disciplinary approaches.

The members of the international law and policy group are united by a shared commitment to public engagement and impact. In addition to being internationally recognised scholars in their respective fields, its members are:

  • Advisors to government, both in Australia and overseas;
  • Advocates for reform of international law, and of the way international law is implemented at a national level;
  • Consultants to international agencies and NGOs;
  • Practitioners in litigation before international courts and tribunals;
  • Authors of authoritative monographs, reference works and commentaries;
  • Regular contributors to public debate in the media.