The Private Law Research and Policy Group is a group at UNSW Law. The Group was established in December 2004 to foster research and scholarship in the area of private law.

We define the term "private law" in a broad way to mean the legal rules and principles that govern the relationships between individuals in society, or between individuals and the state in those situations where the state is afforded no greater privileges than a private person. The Research Group aims to encourage the development of a wide diversity of perspectives on private law, from the analysis of legal doctrine to theoretical and empirical studies. The Group is particularly interested in highlighting research into policy and law reform in the area of private law.

Members and Associates


Professor Simone Degeling (Co-Director)
Professor  Prue Vines (Co-Director)
Professor Kathy Bowrey
Professor Brendan Edgeworth
Professor Leon Trakman
Deborah Healey
Lyria Bennett Moses
Janice Gray
Cathy Sherry
Jessica Hudson
David Winterton
May Fong Cheong
Marc De Leeuw
Scott Donald
Alex Evans
Daniel Joyce
Michael Legg
Keith Mason
Emily McMullan
Carolyn Penfold
Leon Terrill
Amelia Thorpe
Greg Weeks
Associate Professor Charlie Xiao-chuan Weng
Weihuan Zhou


Professor Kit Barker
Justice James Edelman
Wei Wen

Contact Us

Simone Degeling 
Tel: 9385 3943   
Prue Vines  
Tel: 9385 2236