Associate Professor Cathy Sherry

BA University of Sydney 1991

LLB (Hons) University of Sydney 1993

PhD UNSW 2014

Cathy Sherry is a leading Australian expert on strata and community title. She provides advice to government and the private sector on the complexities of collectively-owned property, both nationally and internationally. She is currently on the Technical Committee for the United Kingdom Law Commission reform of commonhold.  Her book, Strata Title Property Rights: Private governance of multi-owned properties (Routledge 2017), the first academic legal monograph on strata title in Australia, has been cited by the Privy Council (O'Connor v Proprietors, Strata Plan No.51 [2017] UKPC 45). Cathy's research focuses on the social implications of private communities, as well as optimal planning for children.  Cathy has a special interest in urban farming and the challenges of providing growing space in high density cities.

Cathy is an academic member of the Australian College of Strata Lawyers (ACSL) and was a founding General Editor of the international property journal, Property Law Review.

With consistent student satisfaction rates of 98%-100%, Cathy is the recipient of a Vice Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence and a NSW Department of Training and Education and Australian College of Educators' Award. She was also a winner in the individual category of the Legal Innovation Index 2015, for her online Moodle site for Land Law. Cathy was named Academic of the Year at the Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Awards in 2017.

Cathy is an inaugural UNSW Scientia Education Academy Fellow and her Scientia Education Academy lecture is available here:

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Conference Presentations

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Academic of the Year, Lawyers Weekly Women in Law Awards 2017

Winner, Individual Category, Legal Innovation Index 2015

UNSW Vice Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence

NSW Department of Training and Education and Australian College of Educators' Award

ACCAL Research Award 2012

  • Cathy Sherry and Peter Butt, White Paper on Strata Title Law, Administration of Norfolk Island, 2011-2, ($93,000)
  • Cathy Sherry, Faculty Learning and Teaching Grant, ‘Connecting to the real world: novel use of Moodle for an authentic understanding of law’, 2015, ($9,050)
  • Leon Terrill, Cathy Sherry and Julian Laurens, Faculty Learning and Teaching Grant, 'Assessing the Impact and Consequences of Closed Book Law Exams', ($4,500)
  • Cathy Sherry, Law Foundation Grant for research project on Maternity leave in the legal profession, 1996, ($2000)
  • Property Law (excl. Intellectual Property Law)
  • Expanding Knowledge in Law and Legal Studies
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Land and Water Management of environments not elsewhere classified