Dr Daniel Joyce

BA (Hons), LLB (Hons) (ANU); LLM, PhD (Cambridge)

Dr Daniel Joyce is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Research at UNSW Law.  Daniel has an LLM and a PhD in Law from the University of Cambridge.  He was the Whewell Scholar in international law and a Senior Rouse Ball Student at Trinity College, Cambridge.  He also spent a year as a Visiting Research Fellow at Columbia Law School. Daniel then undertook postdoctoral research as the Erik Castrén Fellow in international law and human rights at the University of Helsinki, where he remains an Affiliated Research Fellow.  He is a member of the Academic Review Board of the Cambridge Journal of International Law and a member of the Editorial Review Board of the Queen Mary Human Rights Law Review.  He is a member of ASIL, ESIL, ANZSIL and the Allens Hub for Technology, Law & Innovation.

Daniel was a Visiting Research Fellow at the Lauterpacht Centre for International Law at the University of Cambridge in 2013 and a Visiting Fellow at the Department of Law at the European University Institute in 2016.  Daniel is a Laureate of the Junior Faculty Forum for International Law in 2014.  With Jessie Hohmann he has recently edited International Law's Objects (OUP, 2018).  He is a co-author, with David Rolph, Matt Vitins and Judith Bannister, of Media Law: Cases, Materials and Commentary, Second Edition (OUP, 2015).

Daniel is admitted and practises as a barrister in New South Wales.  There he has a particular interest in free speech, protest and public interest litigation.  Prior to his academic career Daniel worked in criminal law as a solicitor with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in NSW.  He has also volunteered with a range of human rights NGOs.


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Conference Papers

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Informed Publics, Media and International Law; International Law and Materiality; Human Rights and Media; International Legal Theory; Media Law.

Teaching Activity

I teach a range of subjects including - Law in the Global Context; Media Law: General Principles; Media and Human Rights; International Human Rights Law.