Professor Dimity Anne Kingsford Smith

Dimity Kingsford Smith is a Professor in the Faculty of Law, UNSW.  For further information please see Professor Kingsford Smith's Faculty profile.

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Book Chapters

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Conference Papers

Kingsford Smith D, 2015, 'Suitable or Systemic? Regulating Financial Consumer Risk Using Product Intervention Powers', Corporate Law Teachers Association, Melbourne, presented at Corporate Law Teachers Association, Melbourne, 01 - 03 February 2015

Kingsford Smith D, 2015, 'Caveat Vendor and Product Intervention Powers', ASIC Forum, Sydney, presented at ASIC Forum, Sydney, 23 - 23 March 2015

Conference Presentations

Kingsford Smith D, 2015, 'The Consumer Interest: Product Intervention Powers and Fairness', presented at Superannuation Committee of the Law Council of Australia, 19 - 20 February 2015

Edited Books

Kingsford Smith D; Oliver D, (eds.), 1990, Economical with the Truth: The Law and the Media in a Democratic Society, ESC Publishing

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Journal articles


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  • Financial regulation, corporations law, online investing regulation
  • Regulation of securities 
  • The development and operation of regulation, techniques and cultures of regulation, comparative financial regulation, especially in large financial institutions
  • Techniques of financial regulatory enforcement 
  • Professionalization in the financial sector 
  • Customer advocacy in the financial sector


25 Oct 2018
UNSW research finds ASIC contracts with financial services deter misconduct
Effectiveness of Enforceable Undertakings in the financial services industry has been studied for the first time.
16 Oct 2018
UNSW Law appoints new Chair to tackle corporate danger areas
Professor Dimity Kingsford Smith, a leading voice in corporate and financial regulation, has been named the inaugural MinterEllison Chair in Risk and Regulation at UNSW Sydney. The establishment of the Chair comes as national leadership is required to address the findings of the Financial Services Royal Commission.
06 Dec 2017
Don't expect a long line of victims to front royal commission: experts
Professor Dimity Kingsford Smith speaks to The Age, Melbourne (6 December 2017) about the royal commission into financial services led by former High Court judge Kenneth Haynes.
Opinion|19 Nov 2018
OPINION In defence of ASIC: there's more to regulation than prosecution
ASIC is under pressure to take every significant case to court. But that would delay justice and break its budget.
Thought leadership|11 Feb 2019
The question we are all asking: how will the royal commission report bring fairness to financial services?
There are five key areas where the imminent financial services royal commission final report can propose change to protect consumers from the abuses endemic in these industries. 
Opinion|06 Mar 2019
Culture, accountability and courts: UNSW Alumni event reveals why change in banking will take years
Law, business and banking experts on the UNSW Legal Hour panel said the significant findings of the banking royal commission would be met with a slow response.
Opinion|06 Feb 2019
Banks given a decade of work to change their culture and governance
Some of the big hits failed to materialise, but the banking royal commission final report still lays out serious challenges for the industry, say experts from the UNSW Centre for Law, Markets and Regulation.

Currently Teaching

Prof Dimity Kingsford Smith has taught the following courses in the Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Juris Doctor (JD) and Master of Laws (LLM) degrees:

  • Business Associations (Corporations Law)
  • Corporate Governance
  • Regulation of Financial Products and Markets
  • Regulation of On-line Investing