Dr Janina Boughey

B Ec (soc sci) (Hons I)/LLB (Hons I) (USYD)

LLM (government and commercial law) (ANU)

PhD (Monash)

Janina is a Senior Lecturer in the UNSW Faculty of Law, and a member of the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law. Janina teaches and researches in Australian, Canadian and UK public law. Her work focuses on the interaction between human rights and judicial review of administrative action, comparative administrative law, statutory interpretation, and the nature and limits of the constitutional powers of the judiciary and legislature to hold the executive to account. Janina's current research projects are focussed on whether Australian administrative law principles and institutions are 'fit for purpose' in light of the way modern governments function.

Janina's monograph, 'Human Rights and Judicial Review in Australia and Canada: The Newest Despotism?' (Hart, 2017), examines the effect of judicially-enforceable human rights charters on the development of the principles of judicial review of administrative action in Australia and Canada. She is also a co-author of 'Government Liability: Principles and Remedies' (LexisNexis, 2019) (with Ellen Rock and Greg Weeks), which examines the range of public law, private law and statutory remedies available specifically against government litigants, and 'Public Law and Statutory Interpretation: Principles and Practice' (Federation Press, 2017), a student-focused text which examines fundamental public law principles together with the principles and process of statutory interpretation. Janina has also co-edited collections on 'The Legal Protection of Human Rights in Australia' (Hart, 2019), and 'Interpreting Executive Power' (Federation Press, 2020).

Janina holds a PhD from Monash University (for which she received the 2014 Mollie Holman doctoral medal), undergraduate degrees in Law and Economics (social science) from Sydney University (both with first class honours), and an LLM in government law from the Australian National University. She has previously worked in a number legal, policy and research positions including in the Administrative Law section of the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department, as a researcher in the Department of the Senate, and as Chair of Social Security Rights Victoria (a Community Legal Centre focussed on social security law). Janina is the reviews editor of the Australian Journal of Administrative Law.


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