Dr Jonathan Bonnitcha

DPhil, University of Oxford

MPhil (Dist), University of Oxford

BCL (Dist), University of Oxford

LLB (Hons I), University of Sydney

BEc (Hons I and Medal), University of Sydney

Jonathan is a Senior Lecturer in Law. His primary area of research interest is international economic governance, with a particular interest in investment treaties. Much of his research is inter-disciplinary, drawing on perspectives from the disciplines of economics and political science.

Prior to joining UNSW Law Jonathan lived in Myanmar, where he worked as an advisor to the Myanmar Government on investment governance. For several years he also worked for the Australian Attorney General's Department, as a member of the team that successfully defended a multi-billion dollar challenge to Australia's tobacco plain packaging laws brought under an investment treaty. He has previously held academic positions as a Visiting Fellow at ANU's Crawford School of Public Policy and as ESRC Post-doctoral Fellow at the London School of Economics.

Jonathan holds the degrees of DPhil, MPhil and BCL from the University of Oxford, where he studied as a Rhodes scholar, and the degrees of LLB and BEc (Soc Sci) from the University of Sydney, where he graduated with the University Medal in Political Economy and the Convocation Medal.

Jonathan is working part-time in 2019 (0.6 FTE) and 2020 (0.7 FTE).


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Book Chapters

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2012-2013 Economic and Social Research Council (UK) Post-doctoral Fellowship (£80,000)

Investment treaties; investment arbitration; investor-state dispute settlement

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Teaching Activity

International Investment Law and Policy (LAWS3070)

International Investment Law (LAWS8079/JURD7479)

Law in the Global Context (LAWS2270/JURD7270)

Principles of International Law (LAWS8180)