Dr Katharine Kemp

BCom, LLB (Hons) (Qld), LLM (Stellenbosch), PhD (UNSW)

Dr Katharine Kemp is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, UNSW Sydney. Katharine’s research focuses on competition law (particularly misuse of market power), consumer protection and data privacy in financial services regulation. She has published widely in these fields, including "Misuse of Market Power: Reform and Rationale" (Cambridge University Press, 2018), "Competition Law of South Africa" (LexisNexis) with PJ Sutherland, and numerous peer-reviewed journal articles. 

Katharine is the Co-Leader of the "Data as a Source of Market Power" research stream for The Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation, with Dr Rob Nicholls of the UNSW Business School. She is also the convenor of the postgraduate course, "Financial Law and Regulation in the Age of Fintech" (LAWS8174), and lectures Contracts at UNSW Law. 

Before joining the faculty, Katharine was a Research Fellow on the UNSW Digital Financial Services Research Team, conducting in-depth research into the regulation of digital financial services in developing countries in particular, including through fieldwork in these countries. 

She has also practised as a commercial lawyer at Allens, as a barrister in Melbourne, and consulted to the Competition Commission of South Africa during the six years that she lived and worked in South Africa. 

Katharine completed her PhD on the topic "Misuse of Market Power: Rationale and Reform", for which she received the UNSW Law PhD Excellence Award, and was appointed as Garth Nettheim Doctoral Teaching Fellow in 2015. 

She is a Member of the Centre for Law and Market Regulation, a Member of the Australian Privacy Foundation and a Member of the Advisory Board of the Future of Finance Initiative in India.


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Competition law; consumer law; misuse of market power; data privacy regulation.