Dr Tariro Mutongwizo

Tariro holds a PhD in Criminology from the University of Cape Town. She joined UNSW Law as a Postdoctoral Fellow in August 2017. She is working with Professor Cameron Holley (UNSW Law), Professor Amanda Kennedy (QUT), and Professor Clifford Shearing (Griffith University) on the Discovery Project: "Water and coal seam gas: Achieving integrated governance" (DP170100281). Prior to this, Tariro was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Griffith Criminology Institute (GCI) where she currently holds an adjunct position.

Her research interests include multidisciplinary approaches to exploring the non-state governance of security, the governance of contested spaces and the security of vulnerable and marginalized groups.

In 2013-2014, she was awarded a University for Peace - International Development Research Centre (UPEACE-IDRC) Doctoral Research Award. Tariro is also a member of the Global Risk Governance Programme, University of Cape Town and the Evolving Securities Initiative (ESI). She has published on the intersection between state and non-state actors in the governance of security in Africa.

Book Chapters

Mutongwizo T, 2018, 'Eclectic Ties and Election Touts: Chipangano’s Cyclic Governance Agenda in Mbare, Zimbabwe', in Söderberg Kovacs M; Bjarnesen J (ed.), Violence in African Elections: Between Democracy and Big Man Politics, Zed Books, London, pp. 197 - 214, http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/get/diva2:1192338/FULLTEXT01.pdf#page=213

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Journal articles

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Porter A; Ransley J; Shearing C; Stenning P; Mutongwizo T, 2018, Policing Very Remote Communities, Queensland Police Service, Brisbane

Working Papers

Burton P; Mutongwizo T, 2009, Inescapable violence: Cyber bullying and electronic violence against young people in South Africa, Cape Town, http://dx.doi.org