Dr Tariro Mutongwizo

Tariro holds a PhD in Criminology from the University of Cape Town. She joined UNSW Law as a Postdoctoral Fellow in August 2017. She is working with Professor Cameron Holley (UNSW Law), Associate Professor Darren Sinclair (University of Canberra), Associate Professor Rhett Larson (Arizona State University) and Associate Processor Jean Daniel Rinaudo (French Geological Survey BRGM) on the Discovery Project: "Non-urban water governance: rethinking compliance and enforcement" (DP190101584).

Prior to this, Tariro worked with Professor Cameron Holley, Professor Amanda Kennedy (QUT), and Professor Clifford Shearing (Griffith University) on the Discovery Project: "Water and coal seam gas: Achieving integrated governance" (DP170100281). She had previously held a Postdoctoral Position with the Griffith Criminology Institute (GCI).

Her research interests include multidisciplinary approaches to exploring the non-state governance of security, the governance of contested spaces and the security of vulnerable and marginalized groups.

In 2013-2014, she was awarded a University for Peace - International Development Research Centre (UPEACE-IDRC) Doctoral Research Award. She was a PLuS Alliance International Interdisciplinary Research (PIIR) Fellow in 2018-19. Tariro is also a member of the Global Risk Governance Programme, University of Cape Town and the Evolving Securities Initiative (ESI). She has published on the intersection between state and non-state actors in the governance of security in Africa.

Journal articles

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Book Chapters

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Porter A; Ransley J; Shearing C; Stenning P; Mutongwizo T, 2018, Policing Very Remote Communities, Queensland Police Service, Brisbane


Working Papers

Burton P; Mutongwizo T, 2009, Inescapable violence: Cyber bullying and electronic violence against young people in South Africa, Cape Town, http://dx.doi.org