Associate Professor Vedna Jivan

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Forster CM; Jivan V, 2009, Gender equality laws: global good practice and a review of five southeast asian countries, 1st, UNIFEM East and South East Asian Office, Bangkok, Thailand

Forster CM; Jivan V, 2007, Translating CEDAW into Law: CEDAW Legislative Compliance in Nine Pacific Island Countries, Original, UNDP Pacific Centre: UNIFEMPacific Regional Office, Suva, Fiji

Forster CM; Jivan V; Mehra M; Jalal I, 2003, A Digest of Case Law on the Human Rights of Women, Original, Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development, Changmai

Journal articles

Forster CM; Jivan V, 2017, 'Abortion Law in NSW: Shifting from Criminalisation to the Recognition of the Reporoductive Rights of Women and Girls', Journal of Law and Medicine, vol. 24, pp. 850 - 863,

Forster CM; Jivan V, 2009, 'Challenging connventions: in pursuit of greater legislative compliance with CEDAW in the Pacific', Melbourne Journal of International Law, vol. 10, pp. 655 - 690,

Forster CM; Jivan V, 2007, 'Making the Unaccountable Accountable: Achieving Corporate Compliance with Human Rights Norms', Torts Law Journal, vol. 15, pp. 263 - 283

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Jivan V, 1998, 'Credit Act Test Case Resolved', On the Record, pp. 16 - 16

Book Chapters

Forster CM, 2014, 'Fair Go for Fair Work? Gender, the Right to Request Flexible Work Arrangements and the Paid Parental Leave Scheme', in Sagade J; Jivan V; Forster C (ed.), Feminism in the Subcontinent and Beyond: Challenging Laws, Changing Laws, Eastern Book Company, India, pp. 309 - 331,