Dr Vicki Sentas

LLB/BA (JCU), PhD (Monash), Admitted to Supreme Court of NSW 

Dr Vicki Sentas joined the Faculty of Law in July 2012 and is a senior lecturer. Vicki researches processes of criminalisation and racialisation in law and policing.  She teaches in criminal law, criminology and policing and coordinates the Police Powers Clinic, an experiential learning course, in partnership with Redfern Legal Centre.

Her recent and current research projects examine: the effects of counter-terrorism practices on criminal justice and racialised peoples; the criminalisation of armed conflicts, self-determination and diasporas through the use of security lists; police powers and their relationship to diverse forms of regulation including pre-emption and prosecution; police accountability and criminal justice reform.


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Edited Books

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Journal articles

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Conference Papers

Grewcock MJ, 2010, 'The Great Escape: refugees, detention and resistance', in [2010] UNSWLR 8, Victoria University of Wellington, presented at State Crime and Resistance Symposium, Victoria University of Wellington, 18 January 2010 - 19 January 2010, http://ssrn.com/abstract=1553008

 Research Supervision Award, ARC 2018

Criminal law, police powers, terrorism laws



Achievement|19 Nov 2020
UNSW Sydney academics honoured with pre-eminent legal research awards
The inaugural and highly competitive Australian Legal Research Awards have recognised three UNSW Law researchers.
Research|02 Mar 2020
UNSW academics say government response to Ice inquiry ‘disappointing’
The NSW government has already ruled out five recommendations from the Ice inquiry, including pill testing and more medically-supervised injecting centres.
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Strip searches, STMPs: more evidence of excessive police power
Reports from the police watchdog on strip searches and the controversial Suspect Targeted Management Plan confirm growing concerns, say two UNSW Law researchers.
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Music festival inquiry findings align with UNSW research
The NSW Deputy Coroner has recommended a pill testing trial, the decriminalisation of personal drug use and no sniffer dogs at music festivals.
Opinion|23 Aug 2019
Unlawful strip searches are on the rise in NSW and police aren’t being held accountable
In a non-policing context, having to perform such acts would be a serious assault. This is why strip searches are meant to be a last resort and only used in serious and urgent circumstances.
Research|Impact|22 Aug 2019
UNSW report reveals extraordinary increase in police strip searches
A report by UNSW Law academics Michael Grewcock and Vicki Sentas says the law does not give police clear guidance on conducting strip searches.
20 Nov 2017
Suspect Target Management Plan - Mornings with Wendy Harmer
Dr Vicki Sentas appeared on Mornings with Wendy Harmer (17 November 2017) to discuss her recent report into the STMP (Suspect Target Management Plan).
20 Nov 2017
NSW Police in Queanbeyan, Monaro area using controversial suspect list
Dr Vicki Sentas speaks to The Canberra Times (5 November 2017) regarding her recent report into the  NSW Police's Suspect Targeting Management Plan (STMP).
03 Nov 2017
Youth Unemployment and NSW Police's "Secret Blacklist"
Dr Vicki Sentas was interviewed on FBI Radio (28 October 2017) speaking about her recent report into the Suspect Target Management Plan (STMP).How did you first come across the program?
03 Nov 2017
Pre-emptive policing is harmful and oppressive, and requires independent scrutiny
OPINION: Dr Vicki Sentas, The Conversation, 2 November 2017.
01 Nov 2017
NSW Police has a 'secret algorithm' that judges how likely someone is to commit a crime
Dr Vicki Sentas speaks to Business Insider Australia (26 October 2017) regarding her recent report exposing the 'Suspect Target Management Plan', and it's use by police to identify people at an assumed high risk of committing a crime.
31 Oct 2017
NSW Police Are Using A Secret Algorithm To Target Children Who Might Commit A Future Crime
Dr Vicki Sentas spoke with Junkee Media (26 October 2017), regarding her new report titled, 'Policing Young People in NSW'. “This type of heavy-handed proactive policing is very damaging to the relationship between young people and the police and we believe it undermines key objectives of the NSW justice system, including diversion, rehabilitation and therapeutic justice,” said Dr Vicki Sentas.
31 Oct 2017
Children as young as 10 on "secret police blacklist": study
Dr Vicki Sentas spoke to ABC Radio AM (25 October 2017), regarding her recent report into the Suspect Target Management Plan (STMP).
26 Oct 2017
Secret NSW Police policy ‘harmful to young people'
Research led by UNSW has found that the NSW Police policy known as STMP is causing serious harm to young people and undermines the objectives of the NSW youth justice system.A NSW Police policy that aims to predict and prevent future crime is causing serious harm to young people and undermines the objectives of the NSW youth justice system, research led by a legal academic from UNSW Sydney has found.

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Crime and the Criminal Process

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