The Social Impact Hub Clinic is an experiential learning program. In this course, students will use their legal and business skills and knowledge and will gain practical experience in different areas of social impact. The course provides formal and informal training, as well as supervised practical experience, in planning and implementing a project in a field of social impact. 

The Social Impact Hub will work with industry and foundations to develop and conduct a variety of applied projects in different areas of social impact. In each term, projects will be offered from the following fields: 

  • Business and human rights 
  • Social entrepreneurship and social innovation 
  • Philanthropy 
  • Impact investing 
  • Corporate social responsibility 
  • Pro bono and volunteering 
  • Law and social movements 
  • Measuring social impact 
  • Collective impact 
  • Other related fields 

What does the clinic involve? 

Students will be able to preference the project(s) they want to work on. Students will work in small teams on each project and may be involved in research and policy work, writing, advocacy and related activities. Students will be critically analysing the role of lawyers, businesses, foundations, not-for-profits and investors as part of the course. 

The Social Impact Hub Clinic is offered in two modes: 

  • The Social Impact Hub (Intensive) (2 days) – LAWS3075 / JURD7775 (12 UOC) 

Students will be required to work on their project for at least the equivalent of 14 hours a week over 10 weeks and attend their team meeting once a week. 

  • The Social Impact Hub (Non-Intensive) (1 day) – LAWS3074JURD7574(6 UOC) 

Students will be required to work on their project for at least the equivalent of seven hours a week over 10 weeks and attend their team meeting once a week. 

Students in both two-day and one-day clinics are also required to attend weekly seminars. These are designed to promote discussion and critical reflection on a wide range of issues that may arise during the experiential component of the course, and will also introduce students to the fields of social impact that aren’t the principal subject of their project. It is intended that students will learn from the projects of other students. 

When does the clinic run? 

The Clinic runs in Terms 1, 2 and 3 and students can apply before each intake when it is advertised to students via email. This is an elective course for law; applicants must have reached the elective stage of their degree to apply. 

Apply now

Clinic applications are now open. Current UNSW Law students should visit myLaw to apply now or contact Law Student Services for more information.