29 May
5:00pm - 6:30pm
Dispossession and displacement in the Melanesian Pacific
Anthropologist Paige West asks us to consider the worlds and lives created by The Regional Resettlement Agreement (RRA) between Australia and Papua New Guinea ethnographically. Based on over twenty years of research in Papua New Guinea and six years of research with people whose lives have been altered by the RRA, Professor West argues that by examining the socialites created by and limited by this situation we can come to understand one possible trajectory for our global future. This event will be followed by networking and refreshments. About the speaker Professor Paige West is the Claire Tow Professor of Anthropology at Barnard College and Columbia University and the Director for the Center for the Study of Social Difference at Columbia University. Her most recent book Dispossession and the Environment: Rhetoric and Inequality in Papua New Guinea was the recipient of the 2017 Columbia University Press Distinguished Book Award. In addition to her twenty plus years of research in Melanesia, Professor West is the founder of the journal Environment and Society, the past chair of the Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania, the co founder of the Ranguva Solwara Skul and the Papua New Guinea Institute for Biological Research, and a recent Phi Beta Kappa National Distinguished Scholar. Location: Business School Lounge, Level 6, UNSW Business School (Map Ref: E12) An Institute for Global Development public lecture.
03 Jun
3:30pm - 4:30pm
Meet the Professors
The 2019 Meet the Professors series is a wonderful chance for students and staff to celebrate the careers and achievements of our newly promoted and recruited professors. Our speakers will share their specialist knowledge and provide insights into ‘what’ and ‘who’ influenced their lives and careers. Monday 3 June - 3.30pm Professor Gigi Foster, School of Economics Professor Ludmila Stern, School of Humanities and Languages Register HERE for a seat.  Monday 17 June - 4.00pm Professor Cameron Holley, UNSW Law Professor Denis O'Carroll, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Register HERE for a seat. Monday 24 June - 3.30pm Professor Kalervo Gulson, School of Education Professor Iva Strnadova, School of Education Register HERE for a seat.Tuesday 2 July - 3.30pm Professor Philip Ward, School of Psychiatry Professor Melissa Green, School of Psychiatry  Register HERE for a seat. Monday 8 July - 3.30pm Professor Lyria Bennett Moses, UNSW Law Professor Jake Olivier, School of Mathematics and Statistics Register HERE for a seat.Tuesday 23 July - 4.00pm Professor Joel Pearson, School of Psychology Professor Emery Schubert, School of the Arts & Media Register HERE for a seat. Monday 19 August - 3.30pm Professor Nigal Turner, School of Medical Sciences Professor Patsie Polly, School of Medical Sciences Register HERE for a seat. Tuesday 27 August - 3.30pm Professor Catherine Greenhill, School of Mathematics and Statistics Professor Salil Kanhere, School of Computer Science and Engineering Register HERE for a seat. Wednesday 18 September - 3.30pm Professor Oya Demirbilek, UNSW Built Environment Professor Alistair Sproul, School of Photovoltaic & Renewable Energy Engineering Wednesday 25 September - 3.30pm Professor Josef Dick, School of Mathematics and Statistics Professor Xiao Hua Wang, School of Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences Monday 30 September - 3.30pm Professor Julien Epps, School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications Professor Daniel Christ, St Vincent's Clinical School, UNSW Medicine Wednesday 2 October - 3.30pm Professor Jason Grebely, The Kirby Institute Professor Andrew Vallely, The Kirby Institute Tuesday 8 October - 3.30pm Professor Tracie Barber, School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Professor Nalini Pather, School of Medical Sciences Wednesday 16 October - 3.30pm Professor Linlin Ge, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Paul Hagan, School of Mineral and Energy Resources Engineering Tuesday 22 October - 3.30pm Professor Helen Dickinson, School of Business, UNSW Canberra Professor Gabrielle Appleby, School of Law Monday 4 November - 3.30pm Professor Shinichi Nakagawa, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences Professor Alistair Poore, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences Monday 11 November - 3.30pm Professor Paul Andon, School of Accounting Professor Michael Handler, School of Law (The Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation)   All dates for the series will be published in the coming weeks.  ACCESSIBILITY Wheelchair Accessible UNSW’s Council Chambers accessible entrance is located via Gate 9 on High street (Gate 8 during roadwork). Any guests attending events can be dropped off directly out the front of the main entrance. There is accessible parking near the venue or in the Botany street parking station. However, these parking bays are subject to availability. Vehicles need to arrive via High Street, Gate 8 (during roadwork) and turn onto Chancellery lane. Accessible unisex toilet facilities are available on each publicly accessible floor of the building. If you require assistance when visiting the building, please contact T: +61 2 9385 1000 If you have any further questions, please email UNSW University Events university.events@unsw.edu.au   PAST EVENTS Thursday 21 March – 4:00 pm Professor Linda Corkery, Faculty of Built Environment Professor Lisa Ford, School of Humanities and Languages Monday 15 April – 3:30 pm  Professor Jacquelyn Cranney, School of Psychology Professor Jessica Grisham, School of Psychology Monday 6 May - 3.30pm Professor Vinayak Dixit, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Lisa Keay, School of Optometry and Vision Sciences Tuesday 7 May – 3:30 pm Professor Mike Letnic, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences Professor Robert Brander, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences Monday 13 May - 3.30pm Professor Rebecca Guy, UNSW Medicine Professor Maree Hackett, UNSW Medicine
04 Jun
5:15pm - 7:00pm
Using trade and natural resource law to weaponise Indigenous identity against Indigenous peoples
Please join us for the second in a series of lectures on US-Australia Dialogues on International Trade and Resource Governance Law. The speaker is Associate Professor Michael Fakhri, a faculty member of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center at the University of Oregon School of Law. He is currently working on questions of how Inuit seal hunting in the Arctic is defining the relationship between international trade law and concepts of sovereignty. He is also a Conversation Leader with Oregon Humanities where he facilitates state-wide public conversations about meanings of fair and free trade. He holds degrees in law and biology, and prior to academia worked for major business law firm. This lecture is part of a series titled US-Australia Dialogues on International Trade and Resource Governance Law, which is sponsored by the Embassy of the United States of America in Australia. The objective of this series is to bring together top scholars from the United States to engage in dialogue with members of academia and practice in Australia. The lectures are free and open to all. Other events in the series The Private Law Theory of International Investment Law Speaker : Associate Professor Julian Arato, Brooklyn Law School Date and time: 12 August, 5.15pm Location: Law Staff Common Room Register for this event here A New Chinese Economic Law Order Speaker: Gregory Shaffer Chancellor’s Professor of Law, University of California-Irvine School of Law Date and time: 18 October, 5.15pm Location: UNSW Law (exact location TBD) Register for this event here